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About Us

Restrobox is an inventive vending machine with smart access for vending requirements. Its basic function is to issue users with a wide range of products at all times.
Our Research and Development team engineers developed machine to provide a high eminence of vending machines with a minimum price to our clients. Our machines are marked for high performance and high efficiency.

Some of our features are
  • Fully automatic, no manpower required.
  • Payment mode is completely online via., scanning the QR code generated.
  • UI on a touch screen
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Buying a Vending Machine!

Finding a vending machine that fit your requirements is very easy in Restrobox products.
Business with Restrobox products will have following features

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Consistent Income

Some businesses take years to become profitable, but vending machines can be profitable in as little as a few months.

You can start earning a consistent income once you select locations and establish your path. Of course, how much you pay will be largely determined by the number of machines you own.


Easy to run business

The business is relatively simple to run once you establish your routine. Find a wholesale food supplier to provide goods for you daily to sell.

Many vending machine operators stock up on the items they'll need for the day before heading out on their routes. Next, decide how often you'll visit each location.


Revenue generating

Revenue generating starts the moment the first customer pays for the item through QR scanner, with the right products and in the right place.

Vending machines will work for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As an online payment, we don't have any issues in collecting money, since it will directly add to bank account.



The Restrobox machines are ideal for those with an entrepreneurial mindset. You can make your own with hard work and dedication.

You just have to answer yourself. No external manpower is required in this business, except for goods provider. You can monitor your sales remotely.


Steps to have a business with us

Finding best location

The place for placing the Restrobox product should be at pulic places.


Custom made requiremnts

Mechanism used, capacity, products to be placed etc...



Our team will install the product


Product Maintainance

Maintainance of product will be taken care


payment security

Payment mode is very secured and easy to use


Environment friendly products

Our products are developed environment friendly