Who We Are

Stonedge Technologies & Robotics is a leading producer of automated systems and solution providers to enhance the standards of business through automation. Confronting with the toughest challenges faced in automation, we are prominent in delivering best solutions for business development.
We combine the dynamic control, automation and control systems analysis with sophisticated design of robotic arms, cutting-edge electronics and next generation software for peak performance of robots.
Stonedge Technologies has an extravagant and fast-growing technical team of engineers and researchers who seamlessly integrate advanced analytical thinking with bold engineering and gloves-on-dirt practicality.

Our Mission

  • Infiltrate the automation into the human lives; to reduce human intervention in hazardous and heavy duties.
  • Develop economic automation solutions and make them available to a common man.
  • Provide innovative solutions to enhance business of our clients

Our Vision

  • Raise the standards of business through the latest automation strategies by three steps; learn, predict and control.
  • Dream and work towards the world of automation where we are the leading solution providers.

our pioneers

Our Pioneers

ceo of stonedgetech

Vivek Manda


Our Goals

  • The development of automation has received a great deal more attention over the past few years.
  • Undoubtedly what has brought it to people‚Äôs attention is the popularization of the subject following the explosion of science fiction books.
  • And this has continued to emerge throughout the decades, and has likely only heightened our curiosity about the world of robots.

Why Us

Why Choose Us?

why choose us?

Our deep understand of automation technology gives us insight into the key requirements of your process. This insight is the key to build value into an automated system.

Well crafted machines are the hallmark of quality. Practical Robotic Services takes pride in our build quality and delivering a machine that will last for years.