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UV Sterilizing Bin


  • This covid pandemic has taught us the core survival instincts & foresee technological need balance. Disposal of waste by health care workers being as the possible threat to virus transfer & mutate.
  • Generally people put waste materials in dustbin which are not treated. The municipal sanitation workers will collect wastage and transfer it to dumping yards through garbage trucks.
  • This process of waste management & disposal possess high threat in bacteria, fungus & virus transmission, which must be effectively seen into!!!


  1. The solution for treating the waste materials in dustbin is to Neutralize the viruses. This happens only with the help of Ultraviolet light.
  2. The dustbin with UV light neutralize all the pathogens in it and make it safe to members in a house and to handle by the sanitation workers.
  3. The dustbin is programmed to turn ON and OFF the lights automatically. If anyone opens the cap, UV light will automatically gets turned off. Again after closing, the light gets turned on and starts killing viruses present in it.
  4. Our potential clients could be hospitals, offices, shops, apartments and households.

Specifications & Features

  • Two Variant Body Frames
    1. 7 litres and 14 litres capacity.
    2. 12V and 24V operational voltages.
    3. 270nm of UV wavelength.
  • Mechanized & Programmed
    1. Automatic ON/OFF
    2. Easy & efficient sterilization
    3. Chemical free waste treatment
  • Anti-Virus sustainable product
  • 99.9% Sterilization rate

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