Current Openings

CAD Designer

  • Should have experience in designing CAD models for the given 2D drawings.

Hiring soon

Application Developer

  • Detect and troubleshoot software issues Write clear quality code for software and applications and perform test reviews.
  • Develop, implement, and test APIs Provide input on software development projects.

Hiring soon

Operational Manager

  • Managing the project budget and optimizing the finances within annualized and any other budgetary constraints.
  • To assist with the day-to-day operations of the Human Resources function.

Active now


Overview of Company

Stonedge Technologies & Robotics is a leading producer of automated systems and solution providers to enhance the standards of business through automation. Confronting with the toughest challenges faced in automation, we are prominent in delivering best solutions for business development. We combine the dynamic control, automation and control systems analysis with sophisticated design of robotic arms, cutting-edge electronics and next generation software for peak performance of robots. Stonedge Technologies has an extravagant and fast-growing technical team of engineers and researchers who seamlessly integrate advanced analytical thinking with bold engineering and gloves-on-dirt practicality.

We develop innovative electronics, robotic and automation solutions for corporates and individuals. We embed additive manufacturing, 3D printing and cutting edge technologies in our products and services. Our multidisciplinary team thrives to provide the best service to our customers for their requirements.

stonedge tech

Why Stonedge Tech?

At Stonedge we originate ingenious solutions to modern problems by integrating control systems, AI, IoT and robotics. Multidisciplinary team with amiable environment provide an opportunity to nurture your career in profuse fields.

At our company, in a benevolent environment we cheer up work-life balance while chasing our aspiring goals. We have a highly synergic ambience and our roots in research blend with our enterprising attitude originating the foundation of our vigorous culture.

Abundance of freedom at work, and facilitating to be yourself from attire to desk ambience. We celebrate diverse backgrounds and views. We trust diversity leads to innovation, so we are hybridizing a culture, where divergence is cherished. We cultivate both a bedrock and bottom-up approach in problem solving. This succours us to label the inclusive set of technical challenges, stimulating our mission to achieve our goals.



We support your mental and physical health with medical coverage, retirement savings,free snacks, travel allowance (office works) , competitive vacation and two weeks paid parental leave.


What Our Employees Say

I love exploring for creative solutions. I ace at creating trustworthy relationships.

sanjeevlu Software


Software Developer

I love the freedom, fun, and boldness.

Surender Robotics


Robotics Perception Engineer

I am very grateful for the opportunity Stonedge has given me to discover my hidden skills and gain experience in the industry. I am happy to work in a team.

Mahesh Embedded


Embedded Systems Developer

Stonedge maintains a professional atmosphere. I enjoy working here for the professionalism in the environment. We are not treated as a number, but as part of the company.

Akhil webdeveloper


Web Developer

I truly enjoy to work in such a family, friendly & happy atmosphere. It provides a whole bunch of opportunities to everyone in the organization especially to those who have the drive for it. I am proud to be part of Stonedge and appreciate the initiatives as an organization they take to develop their team members.

Naresh Embedded


Embedded Systems developer